Sunday, May 30, 2010

Graduation Day, May 27, 2010 -- The Lehman College Latin Jazz Ensemble directed by Armando Rodríguez and Victor Rendón plays during the picnic.

Violinist Darina Bejtja has added a great sound to the band.
Karl Watson on the baritone saxophone playing a solo during the picnic performance on May 27.
Alto saxophonist Brian Cole soloing. The band performed one of his arrangements.
Al Brooks playing the tenor saxophone during a solo.
Vocalists Wilma Almestica and Chaunice Chapman join Felix Otero on the vocals. 2010 graduate Harvey Lackey (blue shirt) plays in the trumpet section.
Saxophonist Al Acosta solos during the band's concert. Luis Marcelo plays timbales.

Percussionist Luis Marcelo on timbales and Pazcual Villaronga on congas.
Three members of the Lehman College Latin Jazz Ensemble graduated on May 27: trumpeter Harvey Lackey, drummer David Segal, and guitarist Diony Diaz.
Keren Minto plays vibraphone and Felix Otero sings in this photo of the band at the picnic. 2010 graduate David Segal on drums is behind the vibraphone. The trumpet section included Pete Maldonado, Frank Huber, Ron LoPinto, Harvey Lackey and Mario Mazzola.
Percussionist Yasuyo Kimura plays congas during the picnic. Yasuyo wrote two arrangements for the band during the year.

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